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Q. How does FanDragon work alongside our primary ticket vendor(s)?

We don’t want to sell your tickets or disrupt commercial relationship(s) you already have with primary ticket vendors around the sale of tickets. We are a technology platform infrastructure partner that enables enhanced customer engagement. Ticket companies can utilize our technology, since we have designed our services to be complementary, not competitive, to their core service.

Q. Do we have to work exclusively with FanDragon?

While our ambition is to deliver every ticket, we recognize that this is not always possible for commercial reasons. Ultimately the more tickets we deliver for you, the more we are able to provide you useful business insights, the full power of our product, and better pricing. 

Q. How do you integrate with the access control at our venue?

If you have your own access control system, we can simply work with your existing barcodes. We can also provide you original barcodes.

Q. Do we need to have an app for FanDragon to work with our tickets?

No. If you don’t have an app, FanDragon can provide a customized white-label app that can be branded to your event, artist, venue, or your brand partner(s). If you do already have an app, we can simply deliver tickets within your existing app.

Q. Do customers need a smartphone to use FanDragon?

Yes. Since the mobile smartphone acts as the key to unlocking the tickets on the blockchain, customers need a smartphone for mobile delivery. Our solution works on IOS and Android platforms.

Q. How much does it cost to use FanDragon?

Similar to typical SaaS providers, we provide a range of fee structures so our partners can choose the option that is best suited for the attributes of their business and event profile.  When a client switches to digital ticket delivery, commercial opportunities are unlocked which will mean that our product is a net profit generator.

Q. What is a blockchain?

At its most basic level, blockchain is an immutable, decentralized ledger system that records transactions and locks them from being altered. FanDragon uses the Aventus Blockchain Protocol to secure ticket transactions.

Q. What is the Aventus Protocol?

The Aventus Protocol is an open blockchain protocol that aims to revolutionise the way digital assets are owned, managed, and transferred across supply chains. Aventus combines the scale and privacy of closed blockchains with the security and independence of open blockchains, all in enterprise-grade software that is fully scalable to 20,000+ transactions per second. Since the protocol is open-source and governed by a not-for-profit entity with no industry affiliations and therefore no perverse incentives, we are free to innovate and do what’s best for our partners – and for the fans.

Q. How does blockchain technology relate to tickets?

The Aventus Protocol allows the ticketing industry to have greater oversight over their ticketing lifecycle, specifically with respect to combating fraud and unregulated touting in the secondary market.  By using Fandragon’s SaaS tools – event organizers, venues, and other stakeholders in the ticketing ecosystem gain control and visibility over the distribution of their tickets. 

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