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Exploring America’s obsession with live events uncovers some surprising and revealing truths.

Live events give us some of the most profound experiences of our lives. At the same time, it is a delicate balance of many elements – talent, venues, ticket sellers, technology and fans – coming together for a magical experience. If any one element is out of balance, the magic of events can disappear.

FanDragon Technologies, the leading innovator in blockchain-powered SaaS ticket delivery solutions, commissioned the Fan Experience Index™ to better understand what is happening at live events. The index polled 1200 Americans (age 18+) in three areas: Fan Attendance, Fan Behavior, and the Ticketing Process.


Fan Attendance.

Americans are shelling out big bucks for their favorite experiences.

Three in four Americans (72 percent) are willing to spend between $51 to $500 on a single live event ticket, and nearly one in eight (12 percent) spend up to $1,000. However, they hate being price gouged on costs. Fans say their biggest frustrations include the cost of food and beverage at the venue (31 percent), hidden ticketing fees (24 percent) and cost of parking (24 percent).

Fan Behavior.

Fans are cheating the system, stalking talent, and supercharging their love life with mobile technology.

Today’s fans are engaging in extreme behavior to get attention from the artists and talent they idolize with nearly one in four admitting they’ve stalked the talent (23 percent) or thrown intimate apparel on a stage or field to get noticed (24 percent). Nearly half of all fans (46 percent) admitting they’ve used their smartphone to find a hookup or make new connections. It’s clear that today’s fans need personalized engagement options to satisfy the connections they crave.

The Ticketing Process.

Fans are concerned about high-tech ticket fraud and are demanding government intervention.

High-tech forms of ticket fraud and scalping are becoming more common and more worrisome to fans. Nearly one in six (14 percent) say they’ve purchased a fake ticket to a live event, and of those, over half (58 percent) missed the event. Fans favor government regulation (61 percent) to address this growing issue, saying they wish legislators would do more to regulate event ticketing and protect them from scalping or ticketing fraud.

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